INGENIAR participated in the development of the National Disaster Risk Management Plan

Omar Dario Cardona

The National Disaster Risk Management Plan for Colombia, “A Strategy for Development” is the instrument of the Law 1523, that sets objectives, programs, actions, responsible persons and budgets by which the processes of risk knowledge, risk reduction and disaster management would be carried out in the framework of national development planning.

Omar Darío Cardona, together with INGENIAR’s staff, provided advice and assisted the UNGRD on the elaboration of the Diagnosis for the National Risk Management Plan. This diagnosis was fed with the advances made regarding studies and recent information related to risk scenarios, as well as the latest available development and advances made on risk management policy.

The National Disaster Risk Management Plan constitutes a roadmap for the country that convenes different stakeholders from the National System for Disaster Risk Management (SNGRD by its Spanish acronym), to implement joint actions to carry out the social progress of risk management, contributing to security, life quality and sustainable development.